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Our Faculties

Our University has three faculties which offer a wide range of undergraduate and postgraduate programmes. These faculties are governed by our Board of Governors and the quality of courses offered are regularly assessed by our Senior Faculty members. A syllabus review meeting is held annually, usually in July/August to ensure that our curriculum meets the standards of other learning institution and the employment industry.

Faculty of Arts

The teaching, learning and assessment in the Faculty of Arts is progressive and dynamic, and both the content and delivery of the programmes are adapt and the syllabus contents are regularly moderated.

Faculty of Business

The most sought after faculty at our University, the Faculty of Business equip our graduates with the skills of tomorrow because the future of the world will be driven by business strategists with a global perspective.

Faculty of Science

The Faculty of Science is a little rigorous on it’s application procedure. A strict guideline has been placed for applicants and they must show evidence of their previous academic records. And if you are a suitably well-qualified candidate, you may be offered entry into the second year, depending on the programme you are applying for.

The Faculties are self-governing and they are considered as individual institutions when it comes to making an application to study. They set their own entrance criteria and in some cases have their own graduation requirements.

The University as a whole is managed by the Executive Board, which in turn is monitored by the Board of Governors. The University Council is the University’s co-participation body. The Executive Board is supported in its work by the Administration and Student Services department and various expertise globally.