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Accounting & Finance (MBA)

This course will equip you with a well-developed understanding of both international financial reporting and management accounting. You will explore the theoretical principles of these subjects and the issues and challenges faced by companies when applying them.

Advanced Engineering Management (MSc)

Become a leader in your field and gain the expertise needed to advance your career in process control and new product development.

Building Services Engineering (MSc)

The digital age has revolutionised how engineers operate. Gone are the days when you could work with just a calculator, a piece of paper and a design chart. You will develop your expertise using building information modelling software systems.

Civil Engineering (MSc)

Gain the skills to shape and maintain the world around us. The growing demand for infrastructure to sustain modern societies and underpin economic and social development requires creative solutions from engineering professionals.

Corporate Communications (MBA)

Corporate communications is an increasingly important strategic issue for organisations and expertise in this area will offer excellent opportunities for career progression. You will learn about the latest communication trends and be kept up-to-date with the rapidly changing standards and practices in industry.

Education (MA)

Whether you work in a school, hospital, for a local authority or in another field where teaching is part of your role, this course will significantly develop your knowledge of current research, policy and practice in education.

Entrepreneurship & Business Development (MBA)

Shape your own future and enjoy the greater freedom and flexibility that developing your own business can bring. We will feed your entrepreneurial spirit and develop your management skills so you can create, establish and lead your own venture. We will also give you the knowledge and confidence to implement new strategies within an established company to drive change, encourage innovation and help the business flourish.

Information & Technology (MSc)

Develop your awareness of the current problems at the forefront of IT and gain insights into how to solve them on this course. You will learn to deal with complex IT issues systematically and creatively, enhancing your ability to evaluate and apply advanced theories and techniques to a range of situations.

International Management (MBA)

Businesses today face considerable challenges: the accelerating pace of economic change, global competition, deregulation, rapid technological innovation and volatile markets. This is your opportunity to become an expert in international business & management and gain the skills to play a leading role in a company with a global outlook.

International Tourism & Hospitality Management (MBA)

Tourism and hospitality are expanding global industries resulting in an increased demand for skilled managers to lead and develop international organisations.

Supply Chain Management & Logistics (MSc)

In an increasingly interconnected global economy, businesses in all markets must compete within complex supply networks in order to survive and prosper. The effective management of supply chains and logistics is recognised as key to sustaining a company’s competitive advantage, and this course will enable you to successfully negotiate the uncertain economic environment now facing businesses across the world.