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Accounting & Finance (BBA)

This course will equip you with a deep understanding of accounting and finance and their importance within an organisational and business context. You would specialise in accountancy and gain a wider perspective on the role of finance in business.
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Business & Management (BBA)

Learn how to manage dynamic and complex organisations. Gain an expert understanding of how businesses operate and develop the skills needed to become a strategic and successful manager. You will develop your understanding of business and management issues at both a national and a global level and across a wide array of industries and sectors.
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Business Economics (BBA)

This course will develop key skills in economics, accounting and management. You will explore the principles of economics and how they apply to business, and you will gain both a theoretical and practical understanding of the economic decisions faced by business managers. You will also develop the ability to analyse the economic and social environments in which those decisions are taken.
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Civil Engineering (BSc)

Civil engineering is a rewarding profession with engineers increasingly working in multidisciplinary teams. This course will ensure you have the technical and management capabilities to contribute effectively in a wide range of environments.
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Computer Science (BSc)

Gain highly sought-after skills in computer programming, database development, networking, website development and systems modelling. These are vital skills for organisations which demand confident and technically equipped computing graduates.
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Construction Management (BSc)

This course is ideal if you are interested in how buildings work and how building projects are managed. You will explore three major themes – the nature and role of the construction industry, management in the construction industry, and technology of buildings.
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Early Childhood Education (BA)

Gain the skills, experience and ability you need to teach early years children between three and seven years old. You will develop your passion for working with children and build your knowledge of psychology, sociology, pedagogy and philosophy.
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Electrical & Electronics Engineering (BSc)

Learn the how’s of cutting-edge electronic products and systems on a course committed to giving you design experience. You will be taught traditional theories and you will be given a thorough grounding in electronics and how to apply them within a system.
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Events Management (BA)

Events have become important markers in all our lives. Whether in music, sport, television or politics, not a day goes by without a major event happening somewhere in the world.
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Graphics Arts & Design (BA)

This course will allow you to develop your own approach to the study and practice of graphic arts and design. You will have the opportunity to explore a wide spectrum of disciplines, including design for print, illustration, photography, typography, animation and the moving image. This will allow you to find your strengths and develop your own individual style.

Hospitality Leadership & Management (BBA)

Our course will enable you to become an entrepreneurial leader and manager who can transform the hospitality organisations of the future. You will learn the difference between leadership and management and the relationship between the two in the hospitality industry.

International Business (BBA)

In this course, you will develop valuable knowledge of the regulations and processes governing international trade, with specialisms available in international finance or global marketing.

Marketing & Advertising Management (BBA)

In the global marketplace, sustainable organisational growth demands successful and innovative communication between brands and their target audiences. Your course will focus on the management of integrated marketing, communications and advertising at both strategic and tactical levels. You will develop an in-depth knowledge of marketing principles, understand the role of integrated media in marketing communications and learn what makes effective advertising from the perspective of clients, agencies and media planners.

Project Management (BSc)

Across a broad range of sectors, organisations are increasingly looking to implement change to improve their efficiency, develop new products or services, and change the world around us. As a consequence, the demand for project managers who can successfully deliver projects is increasing. With its relevant, contemporary and engaging curriculum, this course will ensure you graduate with the broad and effective skill set needed to forge a successful career in project management.